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Drosera ultramafica × spatulata

This plant was sold to another grower as Drosera ultramafica but being suspicious of the tissue culture source I compared it to the published description of the species. The plant fails to match on several key points - no stem growth, lack of red stipules and lack up upright and semi-upright growth of leaves (as in D. venusta). It has subsequently been identified as a hybrid of D. ultramafica and D. spatulata. Hybrid seeds had inadvertently been mixed with D. ultramafica seeds which were then distributed.

See this thread on the ICPS forum for more information.

The paper describing D. ultramafica can be download for free here.

Regardless, I find this to be a very vigorous and attractive plant. Even with only afternoon sun (west facing windowsill) it takes on a rich red color. It is larger than most D. spatulata and doesn't appear to have the nasty habits of pooping out after flowering. It is a very easy grower for my conditions unlike the reportedly difficult to grow D. ultramafica.

These plants produce a good number of seed, which Ivan Snyder says he has been able to germinate. The few times I tried failed. Variable viability/fertility would be in keeping with a hybrid.

You are bidding on one of the plants pictured below. These are very mature plants (notice no stems) some of which have flowered many times or are flowering now.


Plant will be shipped bare root. US only. USPS Priority flat rate $5.25. Winner pays shipping. Shipping can be combined with other of my items. I cannot supply phytosanitary certificates. Paypal preferred.

Start bidding at $2.00.

I forgot I did this. Here is a "cross-eyed" 3D photo. Look at centerline of the image from your usual viewing distance and cross your eyes until the images overlap in the center. If you have trouble crossing your eyes hold up one finger a few inches from you eyes with the image in the background. Focus on your finger and move it back and forth until the images in the background overlap. With practice you can remove your finger and keep the 3D image aligned. :p
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$2 Yeah right, trying to see that in 3d is harder than figuring out one of those Holusions! Even with these eyes!
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Payment for this item has been received by the NASC. You may ship this item when ready!

High bidder: If you haven't already, please contact the donor directly regarding shipping arrangements, including how to pay for any shipping costs if noted in the original post. Please remember to return to this thread to note when the item has been shipped and received so that the thread can be closed appropriately.

Thanks for supporting the NASC this year! :)
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Shipping payment received will get out in today or tomorrow's mail.
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Package in afternoon mail. Tracking # sent to winner.
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Received plant, potted it up, everything looks great.
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