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Drosera regia help

I got a Drosera regia today, and I had a few questions about it.

First of all, how many Osmocote pellets should I give it? And should I put them on the surface of the soil or try to bury them in the substrate? The plant's largest leaves are a little over two inches long right now.

Also, it's been kind of hot in Berkeley recently, so I was wondering if top-watering the plant with refrigerated water would help. I've read that it can stunt Sarracenia and Nepenthes growth, so I'm not sure if it is a good idea.

I have it growing on a east-facing window where it gets diffuse sunlight that is filtered through trees but would that be too much for it? I can move it to a place with blinds drawn if that is the case.


For me it is too much bother to foliar feed Drosera regia as much as it needs in nutrient-free soil. It does not take much fertilizer in the soil to make the plants happy. I use 4 to 6 high nitrogen Osmocote™ pellets per plant or pot each spring. The amount of fertilizer needed is more than most Drosera can tolerate. Even the fertilizer leakage from the pots into a shared tray can be detrimental to other Drosera and Dionaea.

I press the pellets down with a stick at least an inch from the surface. Otherwise the fertilizer encourages moss growth.

Put it in a larger pot. Carefully remove the soil and plant intact and just drop it into a hole in the new media. Keep the pot out of direct sunlight and the soil temperatures should be fine. I wouldn't worry about air temperatures that much.

It doesn't sound like enough light too me. East facing would be morning sun, you shouldn't have to worry about temperatures very much.
Thanks! And sorry, I meant a west facing window. A lot of the light is blocked by trees though, so I don't think it will get that much light.