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Drosera Peltata help?


Riverbank CA
Hello everyone I recently received some free d peltata seeds with a trade on her thanks Bruce. My question is i have zero experience i know they require different treatment than mosr drosera. I just need some pointers what time of year should i sow them do they require any kind of stratification what type of soil.mix etc. If anybody has any pointers can you help me out. Oh yea i live in northern California zone 9.
Thanks in advance
Abel A.
Wow you have no idea how maby times ive been.on that site and ive never seen that section. Thanks sgt youre always great help.
glad to be of some help. I have been also told that you can heat stratify the seeds by sowing them in July and the once the weather gets to a steady daily high of 70 you spray them once or twice a day until they germinate and then slowly put them on the tray method. This is the first season I am trying tuberous Drosera seeds, so I will let you know what kind of results I get. I am trying 4 or 4 different species, if they germinate I will have just a few to spare. LOL
These tuberous sundews are so easy. I just sowed them and they grew. No stratifying or anything. One is even starting to flower but I don't know how I am going to deal with dormancy.