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Drosera meristocaulis....?


A yellow M&M
I kinda....neeeed Drosera meristocaulis ;) . If anyone has any extras of this pygmy that they want to trade, please pm me. Thanks!!

- Jeff
It's a very pretty Sundew, nice flowers too, I can see why you want it!

Sorry if this comment is unneeded!
Good luck. This is a species that's been pretty tough to propagate in cultivation. Only one or two people have actually gotten them to flower -once- and haven't been able to produce seed. They do not self-pollenate and no one has been able to get two plants to flower at the same time. AFAIK they do not produce gemmae. From what I've heard leaf cuttings are unsuccessful although there has been some limited success from root cuttings. The few, expensive seeds that were available are long gone and apparently the yield from those was low. Plus many have found this to be a difficult species to cultivate.

All said, there aren't many extras out there. Maybe you'll see some from tissue culture in a year or two.

k thanks for telling me guys