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Drosera madagascariensis stem rooting Qs


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So recently received a couple nice Drosera madagascariensis from a fellow TF member. Each plant was about 5 inches tall with about half of that covered with old/dead leaves. When potting them up, I did so with both the roots as well as the section lacking living leaves buried. This brings me to the following 2 Qs:

1) Did I do anything wrong by burying that lower portion of the stem?

2) Will they send out roots from the buried portions of their stems? (I know many plants will do so which was my rationale when I potted them that way.)
It shouldn't matter. I routinely do this with other South African Drosera when I repot them. Usually what happens with D. madagascarensis is you'll get a new growth point or two lower down on the the stem and the old one dies. I normally cut off the stem above the new growth point. If things get really bad I'll cut off everything above ground and let it grow back from the roots.