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drosera madagascariensis flowering tricks

is there any tricks to getting this species to flower? ive read somewhere they flower once they topple over. what if i were to trim the growth tip or maybe cut the base and replant it

edit: or what may be the optimal photoperiod to induce flowering?
I think I just got lucky:


I believe the species sub-tropical, so there is some semblance of seasonality. I would go with a 10 (winter) -14 (summer) hour photoperiod.
do they not require a dormancy?
They are a subtropical to tropical plant, occuring from South Africa to mid-Africa and Madagascar, hence hte name, so no, they do not need a dormancy.
Mine flower every summer, but they're outside. Only large ones with a good stalk flower. Should support stalk otherwise it will fall over and die before flowering ends.
Mine have never flowered but then they always die back to the roots a few months after flopping over. Supporting them is a good idea.