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Drosera lanata?

What can anyone tell me about this particular dew? I'm starting to get fascinated in it.

Is it relatively easy to grow? Where might I get one (PM me)? Recommended growing conditions?

I saw this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYSjcheileE, but it still doesn't seem to give me enough details on the plant.

@kwende: where are you located? in my experience, they like it hot. and by hot i mean around 110-115F during the day to 85F at night is their happy spot. they will do alright @ 95F and 70F is at the fringe of the general safe zone. if you have difficulty maintaining these perimeters by natural or artificial means, this plant might not be the best for you. any lower temps for prolonged periods of time will trigger dormancy, and most growers have a high failure rate of bringing them out of it--though it seems that more and more people are getting a knack for it. 1:1 peat and sand will do them find, and they can be waterlogged as long as they arent going dormant.
Haha. Well...that might be a problem, then as I live in Nebraska (it's been sub-zero most of this month).

I currently grow my Adelae in a 85 degree environment year 'round...but 110-115 might be hard. Now...in the summer, that's not an uncommon temperature around here.

How about any other dudes from the petiolaris complex? Are they all about the same?....
they're pretty much the same. D. paradoxa is the most forgiving out of the complex. can survive temp lows of 60F about for the night, and could be comfortable at 85F.
I would place my level of expertise at seasoned-beginner to intermediate. I have about four years of having a collection of more than 50 plants under my belt now (sundews, sars, vfts, utrics, a lot of neps). You think venturing into this would be a fair adventure right now, or would you consider this advanced growing?

For example, I haven't ventured into darlingtonia yet because I want to be "good" to the plants and not just kill them right away. I have also had trouble with dewy pines (though I've only tried once).

Basically I'm trying to gauge if this is worth the attempts..I don't want to just kill these guys.

Thanks for your feedback, regardless.
@kwende: yes, i would think paradoxa is a great plant to familiarize yourself with the petiolaris complex and is most certainly an beginner, though slightly more intermediate plant. i just also noticed you're growing N. bicalcarata from your avatar. if you can grow N. bicalcarata, you should be able to grow petiolaris, though they will need much more light than the nepenthes.

take the advice with a grain of salt: plants are easiest to grow when you dont have to fiddle with your environment to cater to your conditions aka, growing highland nepenthes on a east facing hawaiian mountainside.
Cool. I'll give it a shot, then (I'll dig around and see if I can find some places that sell them). Knowing it likes the bical's conditions are good to know. Even though it's a relatively new arrival, it seems to be really liking its current conditions. Thanks for all your help.
I would grow it in a terrarium setting.