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Drosera lanata - petiolaris complex - SOLD


Lotsa blue
Drosera lanata - petiolaris complex

Drosera lanata is a member of the petiolaris complex of sundews. If you are unfamiliar with these plants I suggest you research them before you consider buying. They require higher temperatures than most species and some may find them difficult, though if they are given the conditions they require they are far from delicate. If you are new to the petiolaris complex I would suggest an easier species to begin with. These photos are of the exact plant for sale. It is mature and is approximately 3.5 inches across.

I will pay USPS Priority shipping - sorry, US sales only.

Please feel free to post any questions/comments on this thread or to pm me.

List Date: 3/11/2014

For more info, click here to view the original listing: Drosera lanata - petiolaris complex


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Item has sold.

This plant has now been sold. Thanks for looking. I will ship Monday, April 21.