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Drosera ID

Can anyone ID this for me? Andrew was kind enough to include this extra little guys with my order a while back.

I'm no expert on drosera but it looks like a nidiformis that may need a bit more light. The best option would be to contact Andrew so that we don't accidentally id anything improperly though.
Not nidiformis..... looks a lot like collinsiae though.... but the best thing would definitely be to contact the person you got it from.
Look like my spatulata
Looks a bit like my Drosera x tokaiensis. Possibly a hybrid of D. spatulata.
I would have said the same thing, but the petioles are too narrow for spatulatas and hybrids of that plant. Still looks like a collinsiae, or possibly even a "Long Arm" capillaris, but somehow that doesn't seem quite right....
I thanked Andrew and asked him if he knew what it was. He believes it's a spatulata but wasn't 100% sure. Since the time I posted this, I've assumed it as being a spatchy and it's been moved to more hospitable conditions. I let it flower a few times but so far have been only able to get minis from leaf cuttings. It also looks quite different since I received it:

Ah, so it was light deprived...... no wonder the petioles were so elongated... looks to me like it's actually D. tokaiensis. Whether or not the flowers produce seeds will tell you if it's the species or the hybrid.
Thanks for the ID. I thought is was the infertile one but today, I found some seedlings sprouting in the pot. I just had to be patient =3