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Drosera graomogolensis

In return for Paul's generous giveaway, I am offering here two small (1/2") d. graomogolensis. These are from leaf cuttings. They are about 4 months old and have sent down good roots. They've been growing quickly and should color up nicely under bright light. Shipping is on me.

To qualify:
1) Promise to offer something here as a giveaway by the end of this month. Ideally, this should be a plant we don't often see in giveaways; it doesn't have to be a CP.
2) Don't be greedy; if you've recently won a giveaway, graciously give someone else the chance.
3) Have a US mailing address.

Sign up in the usual fashion, 1, 2, 3, etc. I will randomly select a winner Sunday evening.

There are six in the pot and I'll choose two larger ones. Here's a preview:

Oh, so plants can survive shipping when they are that small? I guess I could giveaway some of my drosera Marston Dragon within a week then. Although to be frank, since they were an eBay buy, I can't 100% guarantee they are as they were listed. I have a ton of them though.

I guess put me as number 1
Well...I'm brand new to the Carnivorous Plant hobby so I don't have anything to trade or giveaway just yet.

However...I have a D. tokaiensis and a D. unknown (either burmannii, sessilifolia, or hybrid) that are sending up stalks and will likely have seed at some point in the next several months. All I can promise is that as soon as I've become more established and grow my collection...And take cuttings/sow seeds, I promise to also do giveaways. I totally understand if I am not selected due to not meeting the first criteria.

Thanks for the consideration either way!
1. PsychoSarah
2. Radagast
3. Kevin P

I can't do too much propagation due to space constraints, but I have some seed I'll be offering here over the next week or two and plan to offer considerably more as time goes on. Just listed a giveaway of a couple of packets of D. intermedia (tropical), and plan to do the same for a few packets each of D. capillaris (Polk Co., FL) and D. spatulata (Ivan's 3-way Australian cross), hopefully both before the month is out.
I entered all three of you and the winner (according to random.org) is:

3. Kevin P

So excited - thank you!
Congratulations Kevin! And thanks again for the opportunity anramitaco.
May I have one! I have a few plants I could give away.