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Drosera Binata Variety


I like drosera.

This unknown form of D. Binata has been growing happily in my tropical terrarium for a few years now, with outside winter breaks for dormancy.

When I couldn't find a black background after looking for a while, I decided to try using my cat, which was the blackest thing around I could find. It didn't work out so well...

But I did eventually find a few pieces of paper. So here are the rest of the pics:




Nice - I think the more compact forms are the most attractive. I think the pic with the cat kind of works... it certainly brings out the red in the plant.
At least your cat didn't eat it. Any way, very nice plant!
Wow! Gorgeous plant. :) It's really nice, will it stay this size?

Also, your cat is very cute hehe. He (Or she? :O) looks perturbed about the plant being on him. He also looks like my cat!
LOL YOUR CATS LOOKING AT YA AND ITS LIKE "your kidding me right? -.-"
Put that pic at LOLCATS............. :-))
Hey I like the cat background!
Great shots. looks kinda like the typical T-form to me???
Thanks everyone!

And you're probably right, that's what it looked like to me too.
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That's awesome that your cat lets you do that. If I put one of my plants on my cat, she would first swipe me in the face, and then would eat the plant just for spite.

Yeah, she's pretty much satan.
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Finally someone found use for cats (at least the black ones)! LOL Great job! (And also the plant!)
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lol cute cat, if i put a pot on my cat, im sure she'd die...shes about to turn 20 in a few weeks....human years >_<
shes old, and cute....but deaf, and stinky LOL.
nice Binata too :)
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It looks like your D. binata is your typical "T-form" - which puts out single bifurcation leaves that resemble the letter 'Y' (go figure). It flowers white and puts out massive amounts of seeds. It is winter hardy here in California and will come back from its resting bud when the weather comes up. Yours is typical of the species & form except for the fact that it catches cats.