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drosera binata & spatulata

dunno whats going on... my binata and my spatulata have the same problem this spring, the flower hamp is up, but unable to open the flowers. and the leaves turning yellow slowly. My binata try to develop leaves, but the leaf get dry before open totally. The 2 plants are tight in their pots, maybe i will have to change the pot/soil?
How long have they been in the soil for? And, while we're on the subject, what kind of soil is it?

If my plants have been outside at all, I run the risk of earthworms getting in there (somehow!!!!) and they really break the soil down before its time. This has killed many a plant for me without even making the connection until it was too late!!

My substrat is 50% peatmoss, 25% perlite and 25% sand.
And was not old, maybe last october.
But i found the problem, and it was the same for the two droseras.
I repot my binata and my spatulata this afternoon,
and there where no more space for the roots!
So i repot my binata(s) in giant pot, and my spatulatas
in 3 separates pot after division. Now i got 8 spatulatas (3 adults 5 baby)
and 10 leaves cutting. (Leaves i lose during the operation)
So now everybody have plenty of space and i will see in the next weeks if my plants are ok.

AND if someone want a baby drosera spatulata red, just pm me haha :)
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