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Hey all

I am currently working in Darwin in the north of Australia and spend most of my weekends messing around in the sandy swamps around a place called Howard Springs. Allen Lowrie did a trip up here way back in 1991 when he discovered Byblis aquatica and there are several species of Drosera and Utric as well as the aforementioned B. aquatica. Last year I collected a lot of seed of Drosera and Byblis so if anyone is interested I'd be happy to send some your way if you pay for postage. To save you cost and me time it might be better if a few people get together and agree to make one the receiver. The seeds weigh next to nothing so it should be a very inexpensive exercise, I'd say less than $10 all up regardless of the number of seeds (within reason!).

The wet season proper has just started and you literally can't walk for stepping on Drosera in some places, check this out, taken yesterday (14 December 2015):


I don't remember exactly when I collected the seeds last year, which is why I am making notes this year, but I'm pretty sure the Byblis was toward the end of the wet season which is around March. On the other hand the Drosera petiolaris (or D. dilatato-petiolaris, not sure which yet) is all in flower already so seeds should become available soon. If anyone is interested then PM me and I'll try to accommodate. Historically I have been a Nepenthes person so I'm not that up with Drosera and would appreciate any help on ID'ing plants in the petiolaris complex.

No Utrics in flower yet but I know what's in the area and will post pics when they become available - I'm particularly interested in finding Utricularia muelleri.

Cheers, Troy
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This is a very generous offer. As I've received seed from Australia before shipping via Air Mail should be much less than that. Please note in order to legal import seeds into the US a phytosanitary certificate and permit is required depending on the number of seed being sent. The phytosanitary certificate can be waived if the number of seed qualifies as a Small Seed lot - no more than 50 taxa and no more than 50 seed per taxa. The Small Seed Lot Permit is free although it requires several weeks to obtain. The paperwork can now be sent electronically to the shipper which requires very little effort on their part.

That said I shall PM you :)

Note: I moved this post to the Trading Post.
This is an amazing and generous offer. I know a few things about petiolaris sundews and I would be happy to help with i.d.s. Shipping through a US small seed importer's permit shouldn't be much trouble as all you really need is the limit on seed numbers that Not a Number mentioned and a printed label for the person receiving them. This can be emailed, printed and stuck to the package before it is mailed.
At the risk of this looking like a blatant plug for my site (I'm not selling anything so I hope admin doesn't mind) can I ask everyone that is interested in seed to keep an eye on my blog posts. Thanks to Natch, who posts here on the forum, I'm in contact with someone from Germany who is very into Drosera and he has given me a lot of info on ID'ing the species I am finding. This means the list of species I have may change as I post pictures on my blog and my new friend confirms their ID's. It will also (hopefully) give you some good info on growing conditions and what the plants should look like when you grown them.

To those I haven't responded to yet I will do so once it looks like I will be able to start collecting seeds.

My site: Just Cool Plants

Cheers, Troy
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