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Dew meet some of the babies


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
First up is nidiformis, at least that's what the seed packet said :lol: Little guys took darn near six months to germinate.


Next is a mystery dew. The leaf came labled in a trade. I promptly lost the lable. I emailed the giver and asked, and deleted all my email in error. As of now I don't even remember who gave it to me. I know have four plants off of the leaf. Possible ID ideas welcome.


And last, but definitely not least..I have started to separate the babies from the mother leaf.


Great pics. I just got my first D. schizandra a couple of weeks ago.
The mystery dews look like typical capes. The 2nd pic looks alittle like alba though.

Beautiful schizzys. Very nice color
Yup agree with jcal
Very nice!! :) I agree with jcal as well... on the ID...

Those D. schizandra are looking very nice! : o