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davidgreen's carnivorous plant thread


'sarracenia rule'
Hi guys,
I am starting my own carnivorous plant thread featuring my collection. I will update probably every week or so. hope you enjoy seeing my plants grow over the weeks!!!
to start off, some sarracenia:

S. flava var. rugeii A x B clone #1 the pitcher is just opening

S. flava var Cuprea 'Best clone, giant pitcher- come ON open up!!!

nice S. flava var cuprea lid

S. purpurea ssp. venosa var. burkii- one of my favorite plants

S. purpurea venosa flower

I'll post some more pics soon.
-David :)
here are some more photos. Taken 4/28/13:

S. (x Willisii) x Oreophila 'Sand Mountain'

S. Leucophylla 'tarnok' pitcher & flower

Flowering S. x 'Godzuki'

S. Flava var. Rugelli x ( purpurea x oreophila)

S. purpurea 'Chipola' x Venosa

S. x Moorei

teeny S. minor

S. leucophylla 'red' x Flava 'red'

S. Oreophila 'Sand Mountain' - in my bog garden

S. castebaei hybrid - also in the bog

S. flava var. maxima

S. flava var ornata 'black veins' Bulloch Co. , GA-pitcher just opened so veins aren't black yet. - this is currently my favorite plant

S. flava var rubricorpora Liberty Co, FL- doesn't look like a rubricorpora because i recently repotted it

more coming soon!!!
-David :cool:
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Beautiful sarrs, sir :D That black veined ornata is one of my longstanding favorites as well. The difference between that veining/coloration now and 3 months from now will be quite an amazing contrast.