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I've just collected ~3 packets worth of D. scorpioides gemmae (10-15 gemmae per packet). I don't really collect pygmy Drosera, so I'm pretty open to any offers. As far as pygmy Drosera, besides scorpioides, I have pulchella growing very well for me. I've tried grievi and dichrosepala ssp. enodes 'Scott River' and neither have/are working out very well, so I'd definitely be looking for some easier to grow pygmies, if you're also offering gemmae.

Speaking of dichrosepala ssp. enodes 'Scott River', I have a pot of 6 or so living plants that I'd be happy to trade off, if anyone is interested. They don't look very happy.

Hey Natch,

Your inbox is at capacity. I hit you back on ftc in the meantime.
Would you be open to Non-CP trades?
Apologies, cleared out room in the inbox.

Nem, sure, I guess. Whatcha got?
hey Natch, I sent you a pm a couple of days ago. Are you sure you sent them on Monday? A week has already passed and still nada.
Sorry, haven't been online. Yeah, I don't know why they aren't there, yet! That's really weird....
I agree. Mine havent shown up either. USPS really knows how to keep you waiting
One day you'll be watching your local news and they'll run a story about finding a large cache of undelivered mail in the home of a recently deceased postal retiree!
Natch I would be interested too. You seen my list anything you want