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D. paradoxa


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The D. paradoxa last month.

This month...and it is producing an offshoot.

The offshoot can be removed and potted as new plant in about another 2-3 weeks.
Beautiful! I cultivated in peat and perlite
'Nice, Cindy. The world needs more D. paradoxa.
so that's how that's supposed to look like. i've never seen lateral offshoots. my plants seem to just undergo fission.
Honestly, I was staring at the plant just a week ago and wondered how to get offshoots...e.g. giving it a nick on the "stem". I guess the plant heard my thoughts. LOL
Mine is now struggling. I just transplanted to a pot of LFS. Hopefully, it will respond.
We need Cindy to come and stare at a few more plants. I have a few that have never even attempted to do anything except sit there.....
I have my fair share of paradoxa misses too, though it is one of the easiest to grow. It doesn't get hot enough here for the plants to go dormant but as with other Australian CPs, a slow down is almost certainly mealy bugs infestation.

Not many local growers still have petiolaris complex species in their collection...I am also re-starting mine. Interesting because my conditions are similar to their natural habitat. Hopefully with consistent effort to propagate them, we'll see more of these beautiful species.
The * is the gap left behind after removing the offshoot and the # is the flower stalk that was removed. Not sure if it is just pure coincidence that the lateral shoot appeared below the flower stalk shortly after it's been removed.

The lateral offshoot already has its own roots!

Offshoot planted in LSM.
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The offshoot after 5 weeks.

Another offshoot is appearing on the mother plant. Once again, it appears below the most recent cut flower stalk! :0o:
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One of my very favorite 'dews. I got into a discussion awhile back with another grower over whether paradoxa or graomogolensis was the most beautiful sundew, ha! I hadn't considered clipping off side sprouts to root them. Mine is about ready for that.
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2nd offshoot removed and planted

Point where 2nd offshoot was removed. 3rd offshoot appearing above it.

Main growing point on the right, 3rd offshoot on the left.
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Man, that dew is a workhorse.
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2nd offshoot

4th offshoot appearing under 3rd offshoot, close to where the 2nd offshoot was removed from

4th offshoot two weeks later, bigger than the 3rd offshoot!!
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so amazing i heard this is the easiest plant to grow from the petiolaris complex but i cant find it for sale anywhere! do you know how i could aquire this plant in the U.S? thanks for your help!
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Man I want to start these guys up again!! Wish I would have kept mine up! Never got that great looking though. I never knew what I was doing!
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Oldest offshoot! Side view.

Top view!

Mother plant and all the other offshoots! Side view.

Top view!
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Looks like fireworks!