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D. californica seed giveaway

I have three packets of Darlingtonia californica seeds to give away: seeds grown here at home, on my own personal plants. IE: these are not wild collected seeds. The first three people who request these will be asked to send a SASE* to qualify for the seeds. I will PM the recipient with my mailing address once the first three have been submitted.


*SASE = self addressed stamped envelope.
I'm interested.
Do you have location data for the parent plant? Either way, I would be interested in a pack.
I'd love to grow some of these, thanks. :)
Thats three requests, so the offer is concluded. Please PM me to get the address to send your SASE, please.

@hcarlton: I have no data regarding the location sourced for the plants; they were purchased from Hortus Botanicus of Fort Bragg, CA, in June 2011. I did not ask where they got their plants.