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Cyber Monday Question

How come Flytrapshop isn't participating in the Cyber Monday sale?

aha. just kidding, we all know Flytrapshop is a cheap place for good quality plants.

So, to make this NOT a pointless thread, anyone see any good deals ?
I've been eyeballing this awesome film scoring software synthesizer bundle marked down to "ridiculously cheap" from Nov 1st - til Dec. 31st so it doesn't really fit the Cyber monday thing:
East/West Quantum Leap Studios Complete Composers Collection

It's on sale and customizable by choosing any 7 software synths you want of all their Pro Software. My custom bundle would only equal $1600. That's really only a little more than $200 each synth engine.

I want their amazing symphony orchestra engine but most especially this one of a kind software:

Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs <- $445 all by itself

This software allows you to have a men's, women's or children's choir on hand inside the PC ready to sing any words you type into the text editor. Any words, even those ones if you want to be juvenile about it! lol You just Play some keys on your synthesizer and you'll hear your words sung by professional choirs. You can change how every letter is sung (octave, crossfade, accent, vibrato, breath, length of note, etc...) so you have absolute tonal control over your singers. They'll sing soft and slow when you play that way or sing fast and bombastic when you play hard. Check out You Tube for some demos on how all this is done. You can do any language since you program it by how you want the vowels and consonants to sound. Take a listen to the songs on the DEMO page. Every one of those amazing gothic choirs are all computer programmed from individual notes recorded from real singers changed note by note to sing what the composer desires (the orchestral music was created using their orchestral synth software). With the addition of the "Voices of the Apocalypse" expansion pack this choir software is terrifyingly amazing! I can't sleep I need this thing bad.

Not to mention, if I buy these synths... I'll have to go back to XP 64 to get the most out of them! Have I had XP 32 successfully downgraded for 2 whole weeks yet... :D
"Cyber monday"..lame..who comes up with this junk?
yet another media-induced "shopping day"..just what we need..

"oh man! its "Cyber Monday"! that means I better do all my on-line shopping TODAY! because the TV news told me everyone else is going to!" :crazy:

I will never understand why all the morons go out shopping at 4am the morning after Thanksgiving.."lets see..its early..its cold..the stores will be PACKED with rude annoying people, we will have to stand in line for hours..I have a great idea! lets go shopping!" :crazy:

I can find all the exact same "great deals" at 8pm on December 8th, or whenever, when the stores are a lot less busy..

After countless years of the Black Friday insanity my wife finally woke up to how ridiculous it is.
It is absolute bliss not having to get up at 2:00am, and even more so to not deal with the insane crowds.
If I spend an extra $5.00 on something a couple of days later it's worth it to me.
Actually for most things it's better to wait until xmas is only a week away and you can get even better deals. I don't think the crowds were as goofy on TV because there are no new gaming machines coming out this year. If there was an Xbox or something being released then there most certainly would have been more of a rush - people seem to go wild for those. 200 people sleeping outside at Best Buy and stuff to possibly buy the one machine the store gets...

I just got an email from Quantum Leap Studios who told me I've gotta buy a new sound card before I can use their synth engines, so that takes a lot of the wind outta of my sails! :D
A little shopping is good for the economy...

...just what we need..

It is just what we need. Not enough people are going out and spending money these days.

If you don't want to participate, don't, no one is forcing you to; but I view this as nothing but something positive.