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CPs next to a shower

I was wondering if it is okay to put CPs in a room with a shower. I have a bathroom with a north-facing window that gets a fair amount of sun in the afternoon because of the elevation that I would like to move my Drosera regia too, but it is next to a shower. The water from the shower wouldn't hit it directly, but I'm worried that the minerals and salts in the steam would hurt the plant.

It is in southern California and the water has at least a pH of 8, so if it got on the leaves I think it would burn them (I use RO water for all my plants). The room itself is pretty big, but since the windowsill is right next to the shower I'm worried about it. By the way, I am not talking about the little opening above a shower that can be opened for air to circulate, but an actual windowsill.
Steam is nothing but pure water. Minerals and chemicals do not evaporate along with it. If the location actually gets enough light for the plant, might be worth a shot.
Traditionally, bathrooms and kitchens are always awesome places to grow plant friends because of the high humidity. I'd have no concern at all. You CA people are really making me love and appreciate southern water though!!

hcarlton's right--there shouldn't be anything but water molecules in the steam. If you do notice any kind of buildup, maybe from splashing, you can easily remedy it by washing/dunking/overhead watering your plant on a regular basis with RO water. It'll wash it off.
Thanks for the replies. It's great that the steam won't have any impurities in it. I'd say the windowsill is fairly bright as northern windowsills go, because my house is on the north side of a hill above a valley so there isn't really anything blocking the sun except for some hills a few miles away. I might try growing some utrics there as well. I've heard that Drosera regia doesn't like too high humidity, but it's not like the shower will be on for much of the day so hopefully it will be fine.
That's where my outdoor plants live during the winter.