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CP's center piece

  • Thread starter Favian
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Just thought I'd share my center piece of my outdoor table and sum closeups. :) hope you like*





nice plants!!! :D

i love the filiformis' girth, my two are still weee youngins with only one growth point each.

have ur VFTs scored any real big meals this year?
thank you Myles! yes they've caught a few bees :)
Very vibrant colors! I love them all!
Nice planter! Love the colors.
Thank you Joel! & thank you DJ :D
Cool, i love that ! :)
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yay! thank you :-D
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Hi Favian,

That's a nice centerpiece against the beautiful creeping fig.
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looks great!! and a good talking point for when guests are over
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Thank you FBI! & thank you CPsam. I agree :D everyone always asks is that real? lol
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Looks good favian! Can't wait to see the update on that arrangement come late summer. Sadly if I tried something like that, the cardinals and blue jays would fly off with my sphag and VFT'S :lol:
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Thank you Smitty! :) yeah I will update in late August* the same thing happened to me when I put them in the pond! disaster! :-/