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CP-GrowList – A new programme for administering plants


Every lover of plants knows the problem: Your collection is getting larger and larger and slowly but gradually you are losing the overview over your treasures. “Where did I get this plant from?” or “How much was it again?” Things like these you forget easily.

Many plant lovers used to enter the information into a text-file (usually MS-Word) or into an Excel-table – until today. These possibilities, however, have the disadvantage that searching in large files becomes pretty difficult and entering data is not very comfortable either. If you even want to create a list of special plants (e.g. plant you want to give away or plants of which you want to give away seeds), it takes a lot of effort to do so. Saving specific activities like fertilizing, repotting etc. are not possible either.

CP-GrowList will solve all these problems. With the help of this little freeware program you can simply and comfortably administer your plants. Being developed for carnivorous plants it can also be used by other plant lovers like friends of cactuses, bromelia or orchids because of its flexible design.

The list of species concentrating on carnivorous plants can quickly and simply be modified according to you needs.

Register your plant collection in no time! You are supported by a comprehensive online data basis (for carnivorous plants only) and by an intelligent AutoComplete function for most of the input boxes. In order to design the program in a flexible way, the user gets the opportunity to name up to six user-defined boxes according to his needs. So special data like for example “elevation”, “bloom” or similar can be captured. This will enable you to gather your complete stock immediately. An unlimited amount of pictures or activities (like fertilizing, repotting etc.) can be easily allocated to the registered plants at any time. The well structured table view will also help you to trace the pictures of your plants easily.

Once registered the plants of your stock can be allocated to user-defined lists. Furthermore you can search and display each list separately. You can name the five user-defined lists according to your demand and if you want to you can have the lists as text file or also in html format. This way you create lists, exchange lists etc of your complete collection in to time.

If you are interested in testing CP-GrowList, visit www.carnivoren.info

Have fun

Hey Boklu, and :welcome: to the forums!

I downloaded this program from the ICPS forum. It's a very nice program, simple to use and navigate. :D
This looks amazing! Thanks for the heads up. I will try it out when I get home!
Interesting, and welcome to the forum!
Not only is this an amazing program, but it may be the finest first post in the history of carnivorous plant forums. :D Thanks for making it.
Is it only available in German or did I go to the wrong place?
ok Cool I have not opened the program yet to look. Thanks.

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LOL I guess that was just the installer because the program looks to be in English. Again I speak before thinking.