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Cp Give Away Please See

I have some cp's that I do not have the room/time/supplies for. I would like to give them away to good homes who can take care or them.


-Be prepared - Some of these plants (1) are not in the best condition. Also, all of them are going into dormancy

-I would like to send these to homes where they can flourish. Please take good care of the plants if you win.

>---How it works---<

-I have 4 plants to give away. You can pic 2 ones that you would like to win. Ex:

1. charlie - S. flava and D. Binata

-Other than that it's the usual. One give away, 4 plants :) .

Let's meet the plants:

* Moderator note: ESA species removed. While you say it may not be it still could be an ESA species. Labeling it something else doesn't make it legal indeed such could be taken as willfully trying to circumvent the law. If you don't take postage for this or kept within the state your are shipping from it would be allowed.

S. Alata (for sure) large flowering size (not the prettiest now, but give it good soil and a nice size pot it will spring back in the spring)

S. Flava var. rugelli Large, but stunted. You will probably have to wait till 2016 to see what it can do.

D. Binata It is flowering size and did very well. It's not that pretty, but give it till summer (and knowing d. Binata) It will spring back

I will pick 2 winners (or more) until all the plants are gone. Shipping is on you at $7.


Hope this gets interest,

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1. David-- Go binata!
1. David-- Go binata!
2. Subrosa - Thanks!
1. David-- Go binata!
2. Subrosa - Thanks!
3. Yourrealmom - I'm interested in the flava
What are you interested in subrosa? Everybody can pick two plants by the way.
If their are plants that do not get called before deadline (Saturday) I will give them away on a first come first serve basis.
The alata would be my first choice.
1. David-- Go binata!
2. Subrosa - Thanks!
3. Yourrealmom - I'm interested in the flava
4. planturd S. Flava var. rugelli S. Alata thanks bro
Very sorry about the jonseii. Will make it only available to California then.
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Here are the winners (from random.org)
Subrosa wins alata
Planturd wins s.flava
And David wins binata. Please send me a pm guys.
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Thank you!
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happy birthday to me yay! thank you
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plant received thank you again
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Hey Charlie, your inbox is full. Payment sent :)