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Couple orchid blooms for the blizzard

We've got a blizzard blowing outside today but the orchids inside are happy! I got these two at the orchid show a couple weeks ago and have opened since coming home with me.

Masdevallia limax the bloom looks like an orange utic trap to me it never opens more than this small bulb with three "antennae"

Here is Phalaenopsis philippinensis - I liked the stripey leaves but didn't know the bloom would be so common and white sigh.... :(
Some Phals have really cool flowers yellow with red heiroglyphs on them. I will put this one up for trade since I only want really stunning species, this one is nice and a true species of the more common looking "moth orchids". This one is small only about 5-6" across and blooming size (about 8-10" stalk)



Hope you can see the pics, I'm on my laptop and they look washed out to me but I probly won't have my desktop back up for another week or so. I start installing my new floors on Thursday then onto the new vivariums! :D
have you seen the masedivilla's that look like faces , some look just like a monkey face ,(baboon).
i dont have one but could post a pic if you want .
check out phragmipedium grande, they a re a little different then the paph. in they like lots of water , i let mine sit in water, as most growers do . the pic on the right is up right in my program so i dont know how to rotate it here??? these are of the same bloom though.
Yes, I have seen/owned some of them - I like all the Pleurothallid alliance group since most of them bloom almost continually when settled into their new home and their blooms are usually really weird looking! :D

I used to have a few Dracula species who have the large face like flowers on stems that emerge from the bottom/sides of the pots. These were moved from the Masdevallia family in the 1970s to their own group. Here's a nice gallery of the monkey faces:: http://www.draculaspecies.com/list.php Many times I never got to see the blooms cos the stalks would poke down between the slats of the plant shelf and then open so if I lifted the pot I'd yank off the flower. In the new setup I will have these things on branches so they can dangle where they they want and I 'll still get to see them.

I have Phrag. pearceii, it's similar to grande but shorter petals and thin/short grassy like leaves. Once you get a big enough clump of pearceii it blooms most of the year as well. I think there's a certain charm in the slipper species like these who don't have the loud colors the blooms are almost inconspicuous.