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Couple Lake Badgerup macros


Lover of Mountains
Love's the t-8's. I'm not much of a pygmy fan, but I do like this one:


Wow; beautiful against the sand background. Thanks for sharing!
Nice shots. I have to agree with you. D. 'Lake badgerup' was a nice pygmy self-esteem booster for me, since they don't seem to be affected at all by heat, unlike the rest of the pygmy gang. The first time I tried 2 species of gemmae, D. scorpioides all died from noobie abuse, but D. 'Lake Badgerup' kept growing like a Capensis.
Looks like you've had great success with these in pure sand, and looks great as well! Regretting not ordering some of these... the red coloration along with the huge lamina is fantastic.
Thanks. Yeah, I had some difficulty with pygmies before, but this variety is great.
Looks great! Is the entire potting mix just pure sand? I might have to do that.
well...just caught the flu, and haven't slept for 4 hours- so why not visit TF? :p

It is typical to put a layer of .5-1+ inch (whatever you feel comfortable with) of sand at the surface and then use a peat:sand mix beneath this (the pot should be around 5-6+ inches tall if you want the largest growth). I've read that in nature, the the layer of sand is much thicker in some locations.

However, this species is so adaptable that it's done ok even in a 3 inch pot. My largest specimens (which I recently gave away) grew a 3/4-inch skirt in one year of growth, even though I used a 50 peat 50 perlite mix (which normally does not work for me).

here is a pic of the plants I used perlite with:

higher-res: http://www.growsundews.com/sundews/pygmies/Lake_Badgerup-hi.JPG

As you can see, these guys grew well even with crusted-over orange algae foaming at the top- Before I knew that I should rinse the peat before using it :eek:)
(the pot is a 2-L bottle with the curvy top cut off, so they're in at least ~7 inches of media there)
I copied you, nightsky. Sowed 5 different kinds of gemmae (roseana, carbarup, occidentalis x pulchella, pygmeae, and Trichocaulis) with a layer of white sand on top, under T8s :) . I can only hope my results are as good!
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I did as cpholic said, a 50/50 mix of sand and peat, topped with about a half inch of sand.

I should have made the sand layer a little deeper; on another pygmy pot the sand is discolored from the peat below. I think if it was thicker this wouldnt have happened.

Btw cpholic your badgeruos look great!
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Those are some amazing plants!
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Very nice coloring! Who knew T8's could do that ;)
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I really like the contrast of the red dews on the white sand. Very nice! When my Lake Badgerups make gemmae, I'm going to have to copy that.