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College Growing Setups

I'm sure lots of us are at university right now, and still growing some very nice plants. I just moved in, so I was wondering if you could share some of your setups. In particular where do you keep soil and repot without getting bits of sphagnum everywhere?

Also, does anyone have a terrarium in their dorm?

My dorm doesnt allow any terrariums so you might want to ask someone.
Irrespective of the degree that you are registered on I would check to see who is running the botany course.

Drop them a line explaining that you are coming 'up' to Uni and have a collection of interesting plants. Could you find a temporary space for them in the Uni greenhouses?

You could offer the opportunity for propagation of any species that they don't hold in their own collections.

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Well, it seem my university doesn't even offer botany classes, let alone run a greenhouse. The whole campus is apparently an arboretum though.

Right now the situation is fine. I only have Drosera binata/adelae and G. hispidula since I started over recently, and these are growing well enough on my desk. I want to expand though (hopefully I can grow Byblis), so I'm just looking for possible solutions.
Well I just sprouted some byblis in my dorm (bleach treatment works wonders on germination time I have to say). So long as you aren't growing particularly picky varieties I don't see why you wouldn't be able to grow some in your dorm.
In my first year of uni I had a 3foot tank and a small 3/2/2ft poly house for my plants, the rest I had to leave at dads, so I made an automated greenhouse.
Second year I moved to a larger place and got my (my as it is still current) 12/8/6-7ft polyhouse, a cattle trough pond, 3 small ponds (50-70L), that tank, plus another (but most the collection is at dads as he is just 1-2hours away).
Also you will be chasing cheap water trays (if you have many sarra/drosera/utrics that grow outside, I use storage boxes, they are cheap and very effective.

Some uni's won't let you have a tank as it can spill H2O, but you can have a poly or tank outside of the room, their main issue is the mess it "will" make inside (my uni is the same and I have a friend on campus who met this issue), alternitavly find someone in the area that has these plants (or something close like if you have neps who has orchids) and ask if you can keep a few there.

But I would be carful idiots don't touch or steal anything.
Aquariums are allowed here, so I don't think terrariums will be a problem. I saw people carrying around starter aquariums (on mopeds, nonetheless...) so I think quite a few people have them.

The problem lies in that I don't really have much free space (3' x 4' x 1' area next to desk and 4' x 3' x 3' under my bed) to put stuff. In addition, since I'm all the way across the country I'll need to fly back every summer, and its costly to ship everything. I'll probably have to find plant-sitters and such.
My dorm is pretty lax, so I just sat my ballast on top of my aquarium (using a coat hanger for jeans), and put this small temperature controlled container next to it for cuttings.
Works for me!