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collecting drosera binata seeds

I have a couple varities of drosera binata and they flowered prolificly for me this year, even thogh some are root cuttings this year or some are starts from other people this. My drosera binata multifida flowered a bunch and drosera dichotoma? giant flowered several times, but i cant seem to find any seeds i have several plants in the same pot that were flowering at the same time. I was just wondering if i was missing something, or are the seeds so small i am meesing them. The stalks are black and fallen over, so i dont understand why I am not finding any seeds. Will they come next year or what can i do to improve my chances. Thanks for any imput.

Most of the plants in the binata complex will not self seed (although there are several forms of binata binata that will self). They need plants that are genetically different to acheive pollination.
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Yes, only certain varieties of binata binata will self-pollinate (and then prolifically), but it could be possible to cross the multifida with the dichotoma or reverse. Otherwise, you'll need a genetically different plant of each variety to ever get seeds.
ok, maybe thats my problem, i dont know if the root cuttings came from one plant or several, but looking like 1 plant.
Most of the plants in cultivation are from a single plant unfortunately.
Cthulhu, that doesn't give me much hope, lol, thanks for the info though.