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Clueless in Kentucky,

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In mail today, if it is what I think it is, then it's something special even as far as macro's go...
Plus it is a gift.... sigh, sheesh I dunno nuttin bout no neps :p

What do i dooooooooooo? if i kill it omg... facepalm




(unexpected macro in mailbox panic mode off LOL)

advice please
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LOL, mods please move to right forum :p
old habits are hard to break
Dang that is a macro! :0o: Just grow it next to your villosa and it should do great. N. macrophylla is an easy plant and should do great for you. Good luck! I'm really interested to see what clone it is, it doesn't look like the common BE clone to me. Perhaps it is seed grown :drool:
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oh yeah its seed grown, that i am sure of.... and an uncommon variant if im correct
Oh boy, I think I know who sent it to you then :). Macro should do great for you, don't stress out :). A substrate mix of lfs:charcoal:bark:washed perlite should work well.
thatll work but the charcoal is purely optional.
Yup, a good ratio is 2:1:1 - LFS : perlite : orchid bark
O_0!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
to the person who sent it

thank you so very much, i am truly honoured by this wonderful gift
but im gonna hurt ya bad when i see ya :p

y'all are conspiring to get me to grow neps and I know it :p
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Butch, nice plant! It should do great for you!

Post yer pics of us from ICPS!
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Peat, I wont post pics of ppl unless everyone in the photo gives me their blessing.... lemme see k
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if allowed, nepenthes shall melt your heart just as helis have :)
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That thing is a beauty!! You must have some real fans, huh? :D
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av8....bad at growing plants....this does not compute.
awesome plant butch! so happy for you.
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omg hush jon ;-)
bad is as bad does, and I aint does nuttin yet
(thanks my friend, and thanks all.... but the grower was always way too modest, he/she is the one that should see these comments)

I just want to honour them by growing it as well as they have :)
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Beautiful Macrophylla. I hope it grows well for you.
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you must be Loved & appreciated to get a plant like that!
WOW! I AM jealous!
If that doesn't get you onto Neps, then nothing will!

But I am sure in a few weeks when you master Neps as well as you've done on the Heli's, things will be going along fine.
In fact, let me know when it starts vining a few yards long, as I will get in the LONGGGG line for a cutting!

Again, you really have nice friends! But then I don't know of anyone else as deserving of it around here! With all the help you freely give to everyone here, not to mention all the give-aways & such.

Glad you were home to get it!
Otherwise, a sad surprise it coulda been!

I would have loved to see any of them at the show! (Now THAT would have had my vote!)
They are one of my top plants (if not "the" top plant to grow & master), along with a nice looking Villosa. (Next would be some other plants I would be terrified to slowly kill off!)
But some day (like many others) I hope to master these, along with the other highlanders such as Jacquelineae, Hamata's, Edwards... etc.
(And I might, if you start growing more Neps & find out the best & easiest way to grow them!)

Truth is, I was actually hoping to see a few more "desirable" plants such as these here (at the show) for sale. (And not at "arm & leg" prices!) I thought that this would have been the place for such things...
some plants a little more rare, but potentially affordable perhaps.

Oh well as for me, I think bills & credit card statements are what awaits me at homefor now!
But perhaps just as well, for I already have enough stress as it is. At least for the moment....

Anyway, all kidding aside... Congratulations Butch. You are well deserving of it.
I wish you good luck with it!
(And nice job to whoever it was who showed you such an honor as this!)

I just want to honour them by growing it as well as they have :)
Seems it worked!
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Wow what a beauty! :O It sure is a very nice and generous gift, especially considering that macros are one of the most valuable yet commercially available Neps! Good luck growing!
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Best. Gift. Ever.

Wow. Wow, I say, wow.

What comes around goes around I suppose! If you're worried about killing it, you could always pawn that responsibility off to someone else. . . :p
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That's no gift.. you're in DEBT, Butch! Watch for any horse heads that mysteriously turn up in your bed.