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Christmas Wish List ideas


Tropical Fish Enthusiast
Lynn asked me what I want for Christmas:

1) A better camera
2) Orchid moss (LFS)
3) Gift card to a certain online gemmae retailer
4) ICPS subscription
5) Postage stamps (for shipping plants)

I don't need clothes and I'm not feeling the urgency for the latest and greatest electronic toys!
how about a plant of the month club subscription? If Santa brings you all that stuff, you must have been a good boy this year :lol:
TF calendar!
A complete set of all the Stewart Mcpherson books. :mwahaha:
I think that's an excellent Christmas wish list! Although if it was me I'd add a cephalotus in there too :grin: (lol I'd bet you'd never guess what I want for Christmas?!?!)
:-D To see stikes on my ceph leaf pullings and at least one of the following:
1. New Zealand LFS
2. Bale of peat
3. Bag of pumice
4. 4' shoplight fixture
2. RO Unit
3.Portable AC unit
4. A real Camera
<-----very humble
More growing space.
All the Stewart Mcpherson books would be awesome.
Usually just get a fishing. license
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make herself into a human hot fudge sundae served just for you? :lol:

thats the xmas every man wants :D

edit: if i confused genders at all in that, my apologies!
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My xmas list is pretty pricey...
1. Canon 5D mark III
2. Canon 100mm IS USM Macro Lens
3. 2'x4' grow tent
4. 2 4-tube, 4 ft HO t5 fixtures
5. Every N. ampullaria variety in existance :-D