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Cephalotus - Hasn't Flowered

Hi Everyone,

I've had one Cephalotus since late 2011 that hasn't bloomed once. My once very small plant has grown into quite the monster which is great because I've divided the plant a couple times. However it hasn't bloomed. Is this anything to be concerned about? I'm not trying to start the dormancy vs no-dormancy wars here, but just wondering if that's part of the game of growing these plants!

My growing conditions are fairly standard in that the plant gets 12 hours of T-8 lighting daily with typical room temperatures (68-74 F).

Any thoughts?


my first thoughts are maybe you should try a shorter photo period in winter than summer,my plant bloomed when left on a window sill with natural photo period and cooler temps in winter,but i think the plant was either 3 or 4 years old when it bloomed
Jeff: same problem for me. I have my cephalotus since 2.5 years now, still no flowers!
My plant was in soft dormancy since december. Right now i can see new growth so maybe it will push some flowers soon !
When I wanted to produce seeds, I kept mature Cephs in a cool basement room under lights for the winter. They never went 'dormant' but actually grew very well under the lights. Around the time we became frost free in the spring, I would transition them outside with my potted Sarrs & VFTs.

I've also had mature plants bloom on a windowsill but rarely (ever?) under lights. YMMV
I've been growing Cephs under lights/on windowsills for 5+ years and have yet to get any flowers, I figure largely due to the lack of temp/lighting variation I'm providing.

I have not noticed any health decline in my older Cephs growing them without any sessional variations.