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Cephalotus grown in hydroponics (tropics)


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I bought a set-up last December as a Christmas gift for myself. :awesome:

The core of the media is long fibre sphagnum and the surrounding is leca balls. The 3" pot is netted like this one. My balcony is pretty hot and the average temperature of the water is about the low 80s.

Here are photos of the plants.

Top: Jan 2012, Bottom: April 2012




The current set-up and the plants from the top...was advised by Phill Mann to give the plants more light to reduce the growth of the moss as well as to colour up the pitchers. Yes, sir!!!

The result over the 8 months is pretty good even though the moss and the pitchers have turned yellow because of the heat wave. So, I decided to have another set. :crazy:

New set-up from the top. No leca ball is being used as the pot is really small...not sure what's the effect. :scratch:

Close-up of the plants - they just arrived at beginning of this month.
That is so cool, I had no idea you could grow cephs in a hydro setup.

Beautiful plants, very cool idea, I may have to try this..

Thanks for the idea!

Why are you using sphagnum?

Is this methode better? Are plants growing faster?
The medium Cephalotus is grown in really depends on your specific conditions. I use a lot of live and dead sphag with mine, but hydro is one way havn't yet tried. THere are a number of people doing it, though, so the method seems successful.
You can grow just about any plant in a hydro set up. AS long as the water keeps moving and stays highly oxygenated and clean plants thrive in hydro. Its dialing it in that can be the issue. Also hydro is much less forgiving if you make a mistake. Only takes 24 hours off too warm water or no water for the plants to all die since they are used to perfect conditions. Their roots cant handle stress for too long and can dry and rot pretty easily. Its great though once you get it dialed in
That is so cool, I had no idea you could grow cephs in a hydro setup.

Beautiful plants, very cool idea, I may have to try this..

Thanks for the idea!

AAAAHHHHHH...the water pump stopped suddenly this week! I am kinda worried for the plants since they have been doing pretty well with the system.

Here's a pic of the six mini pots in their temporary "home".

From one of them...

Flowers!!! But I doubt I got any seeds. :blush:




A bonus!!!

Mature pitcher at slightly over 1"!!! Nothing special but something to celebrate given the growing conditions where I am. :boogie:
That is awesome!
The plantlet coming out of the side of the pot made me laugh. Very intriguing experiment.