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cephalotus czech giant

Referring to the one on the right? To me it looks more like it got munched. Insect damage. Once in a while a bug gets lucky... and escapes.
The lids appear to have closed due to shock. I assume these were previously grown in a terrarium, then placed outside ? If this is the case, plants grown softly in a terrarium or indoors need to be slowly acclimated to natural sunlight and possibly the lower humidity outdoors. When soft grown plants are taken from a stable, humid environment and moved into warmer, brighter, dryer conditions they often go into shock and wilt as it appears these plants have done.
+1. Any Ceph in my experience experiences lid wilting when conditions change. Often the lids recover, but it doesn't really matter as the plant will grow new pitchers.
Will it recover. Should i just leave them outside so they can get used to it?
I would just let them get used to it. If your other Cephs are used to your outside conditions, this one shouldn't be any different.
You should give them an hour or so outdoors then take them inside to a cooler less intense environment and possibly more humid if possible. then the next day try to give them a little more exposure outside than the previous day. Then repeat the process until its outside all day. Keep in mind that the slower you acclimate them the better they will respond to the new environment.
The more you change conditions the less likely it will get used to any environment. Pick a location and leave it there. If you want it to be outside then leave it where it is. Plan on losing most of the pitchers you see though.
Ok ill leave them out . Thanks guys! Hey since its going through this anyways should i pitcher pull the ones that doesnt look as good as the others and plant them?
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Healthy pitchers are good for pullings. If they are already struggling for life then they will not make more plants. Use them while they are still green. Fill them with water. This will hydrate the plant and help it through the transition.