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Ceph crown rot? sudden death?


I am a bit concerned with my ceph at the moment. The leaves and pitchers have been browning and dying off, which isn't that unusual but the young growth has also been doing that and new growth has all but stopped. The plant sits in a southern window in about 1/4" of rain water. Ive never grown in high humidity and the pitchers have never closed so i don't think humidity is the issue. I am thinking it may be crown rot due to the blackish crown. Can anyone confirm?
It does appear to be crown rot. Are you top watering or just sitting the plant in water ? What media are you using ? Have you been taking leaf pullings from this plant ?
That ain't good. Definitely crown rot, which can be one of several pathogens. IME you're in a losing fight. Every time I see this I throw out the plant without a second thought and get it the heck away from the healthy plants. Anything that has been in a water tray with a contaminated plant is also at risk.

Feel free to try to save it though. The principles in Rob Co's guide to Sarracenia crown rot are entirely applicable to Cephs or any other type of plant with rot. Unfortunately, when the leaves wilt you have the most severe stage of the pathogen (i.e. total collapse of plant). Fungicides aren't effective at this point.
It sits in water during the week, occasionally I will flood the medium from the bottom(needless to say, ill be reducing the water). Its growing in a mix of peat, perlite and sand. during the summer I took some pullings and also let the plant flower out just to check it out. Think it will rally?
I doubt it is as bad as Plantman makes out. I've had divisions smaller then yours die down to the roots in similar fashion 3 or 4 times and sprung back each time.

There's nothing wrong with top watering - just don't pour the water on the crown or flood the top of the medium.
Did you get a little over zealous with taking pullings ? I've done this in the past and ended up with plants that look a lot like yours. Most of the time they pull through but, you've got to let them be for a while.
I didn't think so since I had so many leaves but its entirely possible I got a little overzealous. I'll cut back the water and see how it goes for winter.