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Cedar, Cypress Mulch for Darlingtonia?

I have been a long time user of cypress bark mulch (Heliamphora).... great stuff!
Caveat, not sure the harvesting is environmentally sustainable
I now remember some of your old post discussing that now, Butch. Assuming either product would perform similarly, what is the longevity of mulch in general as a potting ingredient?

I picked up a bag of cedar mulch at Lowe's earlier, by the way. Convince me of the benefits of cypress and I will exchange it. ;)

Also, what preparation do you perform on the mulch before using it?
Cypress depends on if you get bark or wood mulch, the bark contains more Cypressene (IIRC)
The bark is harder to find and more expensive when you do find it

to be honest, of all the pots I've repotted after using it, I have yet to find one where it had deteriorated.

I grab a handful from bag and use it, no prepping
I cant comment on cedar, never used it...

hillbilly logic always dictated to me that since cypress grows in swamps, it has to very resistant to rot, mildew and insects
The logic with cypress pans out. Much obliged, Sir Butch!
So out in the wild, they grow wedged into rock crevices in trickling mountain streams, or standing in swamps of chilly flowing water, so it seems like as long as you supply chilly water, they ought to do well. Mine are even growing in pretty compactly-growing top-layer of live sphag with what I assume is compacted lfs : perlite underneath.