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Cause of black in Nepenthes stem?

Aug 24, 2002
Is there any key reasons why a Nepenthes stem goes black and rots in the stem?
My N. burbidgeae had been growing well and pitchering through the summer. When the next leaf appeared it looked ok apart from the growing tip which looked dried out. There was a slug slime trail over it. I wasn't too concerned as the rest of the leaf look ok. After a week or two the growing tip and it's leaf started to grow up and away from the previous leaf. And I noticed that this leaf which had yet to unfurl was going black along the top edges. I had hoped the leaf would continue to grow and unfurl and the next leaf might be ok. But as the black started to spread I decided to chop the growing point off. I could now see it was black in the middle and as I cut more off this black continued. As the stem only has about 6 leaves on it I could onky chop off so much. But there was still evidence of black.
I have resigned myself to losing the plant as there is not enough to take a cutting or cut back further. I have sprayed a few times with a fungicide but as expected the remaining leaves look like they are drying up as the plant fails to take up water.

Apart from the slug evidence I cannot think of what went wrong. I had watered when needed and nothing else had changed. The dried growing tip happened in early September. But it wasn't till late October I saw the leaf going black. With hindsight I wished I had cut it off sooner or sprayed earlier. Any ideas?