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Carnivorous Plants of Australia MAGNUM OPUS Books

I've been anxiously awaiting the release of this 3 volume set of books since I heard they were coming out. Last week I broke down and ordered the set. When I got home today, the books were here waiting for me. I knew these were going to be good but, I had no idea they would be THIS good ! I've only had time for a quick perusal of all 3 enormous volumes but I can already say that this set is STUNNING, one of Red Fern's finest releases to date.

These vast volumes cover Cephalotus, all 3 Nepenthes and all recognized Drosera and Utricularia species from Down Under, all in complete detail. 1,300 + pages of information (scientific, anecdotal and cultivation), amazing color photos, scientific drawings, electron microscope photos of seeds, and range maps for EVERY SINGLE SPECIES ! The amount of work that has gone into these incredible tomes is unfathomable. Decades of field work, lab work and cultivation experience spanning the most unique continents most unique flora gathered here in one place. For the price, I was not expecting this much. Absolutely stellar work. Allen Lowrie has done a phenomenal job here.

Every fan of carnivorous plants should think about getting these. Every hardcore Drosera or Utricularia fan NEEDS to own these !

I can't wait to dig in deeper !

Glad to hear they turned out so well. It is definitely on my list of books to get. As much as I am a fan of the internet and it's ability to be instantly updated nothing beats having a book in your hands. Some of my favorite books in my library have actually been the huge, discount coffee table astronomy books from B&N. Being able to hold an image that's a foot in diameter and professionally printed just feels better than looking at a computer screen. I am glad to see they decided to go for the larger print format.

On a side note, I clicked on the documentaries tab on Red Fern's website and discovered Plants Behaving Badly. I never knew Attenborough did a documentary solely on CP's. I'm watching it on YouTube right now. It's been really good so far!
The science library at UGA has Lowrie's older 3-volume series and I loved it. I hope they will consider getting the new works.
The older set is great but, this updated version blows the old one away. Not too mention that it won't cost you $1,000.00 to get it. The price of the old series has shot through the roof in the last few years.
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Unfortunately I am of the mindset that if I had that kind of cash laying around, I'd have 10 more Sarracenia benches or be on my way to a 2nd greenhouse =).
I met Allen today at the ICPS conference and had some wonderful discussions about his work and the books specifically. The books are phenomenal, some of the best books available on carnivorous plants ever published. If you haven't ordered them yet and you consider yourself a true CPer you better order soon! ;) Allen did all of the botanical drawings himself and has included a biography section about all of the people who have their names after a described taxa as the botanical authority, which is not something that to my knowledge has ever been done. Allen gave a wonderful speech at the official launch of the books today, completely off the cuff and one of the most sincere from the heart speeches I have heard. He was nearly moved to tears at some points, quite touching. Anyway, I spent the evening talking with him about research and many other things and he is a wonderful person who I have the utmost respect for. In case he sees this, bravo Allen! Your Magnum Opus is a wonderful gift not only to the crazy plant people that populate this hobby but to the world. Congratulations on this incredible accomplishment.
Glad you got a chance to meet Allen. I talked with him via email several times. He's one of the nicest, most knowledgeable down to earth people involved with these plants. He's always got a minute to answer a question or give some advice. He helped me out immensely with the cultivation of tuberous Drosera.

His bottomless knowledge of these plants really shows through in these incredible books. Amazing works.