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Carnivora Gardinum, Time Lapse Film.

Hello everyone!


I am very excited to announce my first Biolapse film is complete!

Carnivora Gardinum
For best results, HD and full screen.

It was 2 years ago that I did my first plant timelapse. Then about 6 months later I started tinkering around with it again. About a year ago I turned full force on Biolapse. I spent about 4 months of building out fully automated enviornmentaly controlled room, then another 4 months of debugging, testing, growing various plants and learning how to get the best results I finally started filming the carniverous plants.

I filmed 24 hours a day for 107 days with two cameras to get all this footage.

I used our Chronos HD, Chronos Lite, Lens apparatus, and even got a clip done with an eMotimo which i must say is excellent for very small movements.

The goal was to produce something that people would want to watch all the way through, and to let it end before it got old ;)

I hope you all enjoy. I have a BTS video coming soon that explains some of it, but if you check my Biolapse.com site you will get a full view of how I did this, lessons learned, etc. I hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!

And please share this with anybody you think may be interested. I put a ton of work in this and really want to make sure people get to enjoy it :)
I don't see a video :/
But I looked it up on YouTube, and just wow!
woah, this was better than The walking dead I watched last night.
you are my hero.

This is by far one of the best carnivorous plants video I've watched, and I've watched ALOT. Almost all of the youtube's CP videos.

Clearly, you invested an enormous amount of time, effort, and equipment into this.

I literally would sit and watch my plants for hours trying to observe it's behavior.

This video is exactly what i LOVE ABOUT CP!!! thank you again for contributing to this community.
Thank you ps3isawesome, im glad to have this finished. Time for a bit of a break, but i think i will probably do this again in another year or two as i get better. :)
Really gorgeous video! I will definitely be sharing this all over the place! You obviously put a lot of hard work into it, congratulations!

I like seeing some of the insects escaping the dionaea too. That often isn't shown in videos, but it is reality. I think it adds a lot more suspense if the viewer doesn't know if it'll be a successful catch or not.

Again, congratulations! This is a beautiful work of art you've made! :D
Very very cool video man! I love the mix of time lapse and real time- the sound effects were very nature channel too. Very very nice work! Going to send it out on my personal networks right now... Mind if I send it out on my social networks related to my store? (Giving you the credit of course....)
Thanks for sharing!
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Thank you CarnivoreGirl!

Thank you adnedarn, yes please, feel free to share it anywhere you would like i would much appreciate it! :)
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'Most excellent! I think almost anyone who has any interest in this forum will love it.
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Very impressive, Chris! The image quality in itself is gorgeous, let alone the technical feat of making this work.
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I am absolutely blown away by this video and it leaves me wanting more! Truely a work of art and I appreciate the time and effort you put into creating it and for sharing. :bigthumpup: I will definitely share this with others.
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This is a fecking masterpiece. Words cant describe how amazing that was.
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That was absolutely awesome. Sharing and watching again.
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That was amazing! Truly a work of art. :clap: :hail:
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Wow!!! thank you so much everyone! :)

I couldnt have done it without the help of many people on this forum board, online communities like this are priceless! :)
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Great video! Definitely one of the better CP videos.
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This is one of the better timelapses I've seen, especially how it was combined with moving between the different plants so it almost looked like real time. Never realized how cool a flytrap leaf looks like as it opens until you see a timelapse of it either....
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That was incredible. I could just imagine this video being narrated by David Attenborough. Really amazing. I agree with hcarlton, that was definitely one of my favorite techniques that you used was the seamless motion between plants focusing just at the right time.
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Wow, this is an incredible piece of work. To me this is BBC nature documentary quality. I gotta say that part at the 3:10 mark when the trap opened was fascinating, it seemed like the momentum from the trap opening made it open wider and then reverberated back, that blew me away considering how slow they open their traps in our time scale.
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