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Care Advice?

I got an N. ampullaria a few months ago, but I can't really find any good care instructions. I don't really have any experience with carnivorous plants, so I made the mistake of allowing the humidity change suddenly. How do I know when I need to feed him? How much light? Etc. He burns easily. Here's what he looks like after the change in humidity. http://s994.beta.photobucket.com/user/teddscau/library/Pitcher Plants
Hmm apparently the link I was originally going to give is not allowed on the forum.

Anyways, N. ampullaria is a lowland Nepenthes. Keep them warm (above 70F at all times), very humid, and don't let the media dry out. Using the search function will find you endless amounts of reading on the forum. I would search "ampullaria" or "lowland" in the Nepenthes section of the forum.
Hi :)

Was the sudden humidity change because it was changed to a higher humidity or a lower humidity?
What's the glass container its in now?
How did it look before?

The new growth tips look like they're doing good, thats usually a sign its acclimating to where it is now (depending on how long you've had it in this location).
Feeding? I'm not sure, all my nepenthes grow outside. But I'm sure someone else in here can chime in on that one.
Light, are you using bulbs or light from a window?
I left him out of his dome for around three hours. He freaked. The glass thing he's in is kind of like a giant cookie jar. I have a plastic tray under it. It's on a window ledge, so it gets some natural lighting. There's also two pot lights above him and his non-carnivorous buddies.

I feed my pitcher ants and broccoli. He seems to be able to digest broccoli easiest. I sprinkle the florets in each of his pitchers. I'm not sure if broccoli is good for him, but I read that in the wild, N. ampullaria feed on mostly fallen plant matter. A month ago, I fed a few of his pitchers a 1mm pellet of New Life Spectrum fish food each, but I'm not sure if they like it.
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N. ampullaria should be fairly hardy if given decent conditions.

3 hours outside of the glass shouldn't be that much time, at least not enough to have any lasting affects on the plant, unless the temperature and light exposure was extreme for that period of time.

In my experience N. ampullaria would benefit from lower lighting than other Nepenthes, a high humidity and temperatures between 70-85/90 degrees, during the night and day, respectively. Mine did just fine with almost no feeding, as will most Nepenthes. However if you are going to feed it I would suggest smaller prey such as ants and the likes just to see how it reacts. If you are already feeding it broccoli with no ill effects then that it is just fine. One thing to keep in mind when feeding any Nepenthes any type of food is that you want to be careful not to put too much of the food into the pitcher as to create a growth in fungus or algae. I can imagine larger chunks of broccoli might do that.

That being said, even if you do put to much in, it's just a pitcher and it will always grow new ones.

Main things to keep in mind with ampullaria:

1.) Not too much light when young
2.) Never let dry out
3.) Keep warm for best growth, though it can slunk along in highland temperatures.
Don't worry, my house doesn't get much light, so that part shouldn't be a problem. I'm going to be moving my pitcher to a bigger pot, but I don't know what substrate to use. I know you can mix a variety of substrates, but mixes do you find work best? Thanks.
I feed my Nepenthes NLS too, and they love it. They're growing very quickly, have great color, and the pitcher size is increasing with every leaf. I give each pitcher one pellet once a week.

As for medium, I use bark, perlite, charcoal, and Sphagnum.
You know what NLS is? You must be into aquariums too :). Is it okay to move my pitcher to a new pot during the winter? I know that N. ampullaria don't go into dormancy during the winter, but...

I just looked up perlite. I always wondered what those white things were...