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Capensis and spatulata tips!?

Hi! I just ordered some spatulata Fraiser island and capensis typical and they will come in next week. I have everything set up already. I have a t5 and t8 fixture around 8 inches high with foil wrapped around it. It hurts my eyes to look at it! I also have a thermometer/hygrometer in there and it's around 76 degrees during the day and 68-70 at night. Any tips or warning? I am super excited! These are my first carnivorous plants! Will post pics soon! Hopefully I will get some seeds to grow soon.
sounds perfect. Just remember, it is harder to kill these plants then make them thrive.
I'm sure they will thrive. Have fun :).
Thanks everyone! That's comforting! I'm so worried about them living. Will keep y'all updated.
I had a hard time with my capensis. The tips were turning yellow then black. I had my light about 5 inches from the plant and I moved it farther away and it seems to be doing alot better. 8 inches sounds like a good height. Waiting on some pics :)