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Candy striped Veitchii k bareo?

Dont know much about neps but it looks nice. I love how neps look i think im going to have to give it a try and purchase one.
Are you asking if it's a N. veitchii clone K from Bario?
Is it a TC plant, or seed grown? I would let the pitcher mature and color up. It may or may not be a clone K, but who knows, it may be even nicer. :hug:
I think the seller said its a SG
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You can't have a clone K from seed. You can have seed from a clone K, but with the mixing of genes, things will vary. It's the same as a cultivar, which, in a sense, is what these lettered clones are. Your plant will be unique, and should not be called a clone anything. Call it "pretty seed grown N. veitchii from Bario."
N. veitchii (k) is the designation EP used for plants of a veitchii sib cross they released that exhibited striped peristomes, not a specific clone. Lots of them in circulation...
K is not a specific clone, it's merely a designation for a particular batch of seed. The K batch had more plants with striped peristomes than other batches although, like this particular plant not all are heavily striped.
Oh, ok. I learned something, too.

If the seller has his notes right, then you have a candy stripe. Sit back, and enjoy the plant.
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If the seller has his notes right, then you have a candy stripe. Sit back, and enjoy the plant.

This plant was never billed as " Candy Striped", just veitchii "K" so that's what this plant is. It's just a seed grown Nepenthes veitchii from seed batch K. This batch of seed varied from plain, unstriped peristomes to very heavily striped peristomes and, like this particular one everything in between. Nothing about this plant says "Candy Striped" to me, my veitchii "Pink" is more heavily striped than this one here and I would never call it "Candy Striped". I think there may be some confusion between the striped veitchii K plants and the other seed grown striped veitchii from Bareo which have very heavily striped peristomes but have much squatter pitchers. These plants are from yet another batch of seed and probably a different location.
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That looks fimilar. If you got it from tony I'm sure he labeled it as "faint stripping". Doesn't take away from the beauty though. Here's one I got from him a few months ago!


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Yeah thats the exact plant I got and have I agree.