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My first real day on this forum...and here I am posting a trade.

I'm preparing some divisions of my sarracenia and nepenthes over the next month and a bit. I'm also cutting up some of my water lilies and other aquatic plants (eg. floating hearts). I would like to trade for lithops or other carnivorous plants...

Please PM or email me if you're interested. . I'll prepare a quick growlist shortly to describe what's available. Basically, most of the sarracenia species and a number of Neps - including ampullaria, rafflesiana, bicalcarata, macfarlani and mira.

If arranged ahead of time, I can come to that there big City ... Vancouver if I need to meet up in person, or whatever. Thanks.

(Apologies to non-Canadians... the permits and paperwork are just too much effort for this old boy *sigh*)

Hey, nice to hear from a fellow Canadian. I have big mouth and low giant vft's to trade. I just divided a couple of plants let me know what you have. I am in Alberta.
"eh" LOL! You really DO speak Canadian! Just had flashbacks of Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas and the almost 12 Days of Christmas song.

What is ironic is that I can ship plants to Hawaii, which is thousands of miles away and across the Ocean, as long as write, "Plant Supplies", but live 1/2 hour drive from the Canadian border and have to jump through all sorts of hoops to make things legal.
Yes the irony... or the truth...which is that it keeps the beurocratic machine happily employed. I can send a box of CPs across the rockies sans inspection, but when I cross the 49th, to visit my CP buds in Seattle, I can't even fart without a permit.
Hi David,

I do not have any spare CP's at this time to trade with but do have many tropical waterlilies available.
I live in Vancouver. Please get back to me if you are interested. I could use a couple more Sarracenia for my mini bog.