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Can Drosera eat ants?

I just got my first Sundew in the mail and was wondering what possible foods are out there and if feeding is advisable. If anyone could help me out it'd be wonderful. Also, what kind of light should I give it if it's in a terrarium?
In a terrarium, unless it's put in a natural light place, you must add fluorescent lights..cool white, daylight, biolux, gro-lux and (or)aquarium lights.The better thing is to make a mix of these.
I think ants can be good for your sundew, also, mosquitoes, midges...
ants can be count as one of sundews favorite food.
on terrarium a use of fluorescent lights could be very good
just be sure that the no. of lamps size of them and how high they are hang or place. I use to grow lot of them under fluorescent lamps and it work just fine (better use energey saver lamp that give much light with less heat).
Aints are the way to go...I can not stand them!!! I want to see them struggle and slowly diiieee!!!!

Same with me and flies
. I have nothing against ants though.
I'm definately gonna try ants (for my flytrap too) what about normal light from a regular lamp. Will that work? Also are they poisonous? I have a very curious oral fixated 8 month old.