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BUILDING A BOG FOR A SCHOOL PROJECT.... need a few plants please.............

Hello again community,
I am reaching out to see if anyone out there in plant land has any outdoor varieties to spare for a bog I am building for an internship with Portland State University.
I got a 2 sars and 1 flytrap but am needing a little more.
I would love a filiformis and a few more sars or flytraps would be great. I would also love any other dews that would fair well in a portland, OR winter.
Thanks to everyone,
I will gladly pay shipping.

I'm doing a giveaway of an S. psitticina. Put your name in the drawing.
I have a S. rubra v rubra you can have, just shoot me a PM
I have a couple of Flytraps I could part with...shoot me a PM
Pm sent
I have some filifomis and intermedia you could have .. some rubra wherryii as well pm me