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Brocchinia reducta grow area planning - Looking for input

Something I'm been wanting to do for years and with the current state of LED lighting I think it might now be possible.

I'm looking to grow a small colony of Brocchinia reducta indoors under LED lighting, I've never grown this plant before but have experience with hundreds of species of orchids/ferns/aquatics/marginals/ect. I'm wanting to find out from people who have had success with this species in both high light (yellow leaves) and low light (green leaves) what they feel my space requirements should be along with any helpful hints they might have. I don't want to build a 4' X 4' area if I can do it just fine in a 2' X 2' area.

I'm still in the planning stages so everything is up for change. The ultimate goal of this setup is to grow Brocchinia reducta and Utricularia humboldtii together allowing each of them enough headroom to flower inside the setup. I have been growing humboldtii for many years.

Right now I'm thinking 36" high X 24" X 24", very high light via LEDs, humidity in the 50-70% range, temps 68-72 year round, lots of airflow, and watering via a DIY rain system.

Here are the 3 main sources of info I have found so far. If you know another good source please add it.

got some insitu photos for you. hope they can offer some sort of insight. apparently growing at the base as well as on the summit itself, so shouldnt be a difficult plant to grow... then again. Drosera roraimae grows the same way and i keep killing it. T.T



36x24x24 should do fine.
I have found this to be way easier to grow than Helis. I would consider mine to be under medium light levels. You can see its been happily cramped in too small of a pot for a year or so. Has at least 4 pups. Sounds like an awesome idea, I think you could get away with a 2'x2' area packed with them!

Quite a monster you have growing there, how tall is it?
6" ruler there at the bottom, so maybe 3 of those tall? So ~18" to that tallest leaf tip? I know they get taller too.
Looks like we might have plants each other wants ;)~ I've been thinking about dividing off that largest pup... will you have any P. caudatum (or others) to trade this spring?
I think the Phrags are stable now, but I'm waiting on some new growth. I should have a few I can trade off come Spring, let me know when the weather is good for shipping there and we can figure something out.

The Bulbophyllum plumatum and Sarcochilus ceciliae can be sent out whenever the weather permits. A few of the Sarcos are already producing new roots.
Great, let's keep this on the back burner for March or April. I'm definitely interested in Bulbos as well. I have lots of near bloom and bloom size phrags to trade also.

For the Brocchinia would you prefer that I make a division now and try to root first, or leave on the mother plant to keep growing and send you a freshly cut pup?
Either is fine with me.