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Bonnie's Shade Houses

Some more 100 degree pics from today

My new 10'x30' structure, I haven't built the tables yet, so just hanging plants for now

My seriously overgrown and neglected old shade house, 9'x24' and everything in there needs to be repotted

My poor abused Nepenthes from Lowes, had it almost 3 years now

Wow! That's some good looking stuff
Neat broms
'Sweet-looking bromeliads. There's so much color looking in you'd think the house was full of flowers.
I WANT A DAMN GREENHOUSE. I'm jealous. Congrats! Nice!
Holy bromeliads, Batman!

They look great!
Very nice :) . I'd say your Nepenthes looks pretty good, actually. It's taken the abuse well! lol.
I must go and buy a pineapple. (No, not you, Pineapple.) You make me want to start growing Bromeliaceae!
Now that my daughter is no longer having to be repeatedly hospitalized I can spend some time focusing on completing the yard. My first project is the shade houses, adding irrigation to the older one and building the tables for the metal one. The irrigation is all table top sprinklers and each basket has it's own overhead mister. The plants to the left of the old shade house are what has been divided and repotted and all the pots to the right of the old shade house are what I still need to divide and repot and hopefully transfer most of them to the tables in the metal shade house.

Old shade house

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Holy cow! Amazing setup there!
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Nice collection of bromeliads! What kind of shade cloth is that? Is it UV resistant?
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Thank you! It's the 60% one from Farm Tek that doesn't unravel when you cut it, and yes UV resistant.
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Incredible collection and awesome shade house:).
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It's looking great and I'm glad to hear things are better with your daughter. :)
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Love it and love the Brom collection. ..very jealous