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Bogs in Virginia/Tennessee


Formerly known as Pineapple
I will be traveling to Virginia and Tennessee in a bit. Right along the border of the two, specifically. Can't do a long drive into the middle of either states, as I'd like to not waste a bunch of time looking for a bog. Not necessarily a bog, but just somewhere where I could look at sarrs, dews, sphagnum, ect. All of that good stuff.

Anyone know of any areas where I may have luck in finding some wild CPs and stuff? ???
In that part of VA you aren't going to find anything. There are only 6 counties in the state that still have purps. You'd have to go all the way over to the Tidewater to find anything, and even there bogs are becoming harder and harder to find. S. oreophila is gone in TN.
D: how sad!! I thought something was being done to help this! Wasn't there some thing for restoring these bogs that was going to take a long time? I remember Peter D Amato telling me about it and how these bogs would be repopulated with CPs and would then in return become National forest land. At least there's Sarracenias in cultivation! To the people that introduced these plants: :hail:

I've only been to a darlingtonia bog in Northern California which has been protected ever since they stopped mining there about 100 feet from the bog. Pretty cool place.
The Tennessee bogs for S. oreophila are pretty much beyond hope from what I understand. Efforts to protect the ones in VA are slow, often relying on landowners to take responsibility. But even then, other factors can come into play that can destroy a bog very quickly. I'd talk to Phil more about this, as he's an expert in bog conservation in VA.

Cali is much better about Darlingtonia protection that pretty much every other state is with Sarracenia.
What about just a sphagnum bog? Like where would be my best bet? I know that there is some in the Smokies, but that's a bit far out. Maybe somewhere I could thoughtfully collect a few strands from to add to my cultivation collection. I'm good at growing sphag quickly.

Are there certain land features I would find sphagnum or CPs possibly by? Like a pond, creek, lake, ect?
Bump? :)
I've been over that way and found practically nothing. The last remaining bogs are on protected property and hidden very well. I tried to find one and had absolutely no luck, even with my map reading skills.
I know it has been a while... But do you guys have any names of places in TN or VA where I may find Sphagnum? North East TN and South West VA, right around the border preferably. Can any be found in forests? Where should one look?