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Bog garden advice

I am getting ready to start building my first bog, and I need some advice. I have a pretty good shake on the layers of media and media composition but my main worry is that since I live in a rental house I can't really dig a large hole and place a small pool into the ground. My original plan was to put the small pool on top of a piece of plywood supported by cinder blocks, located in a sunny spot and leave all year without any fuss, but I was reading something somewhere that said I should bury the bog to prevent it from freezing. Is this necessary in my climate zone? I live in Savannah, GA and right on the coast, I have Moon River in my backyard.

I want to make sure I make the right moves before investing in this project and any advice or personal growing experience in my region would be so very helpful.

I have had very pleasant experience with potted mini bogs. Seems a good solution to those who are not at a permanent residence.
They should be fine. I live further inland in Georgia where water in the trays freeze. The Sarracenia and Drosera still do well. One problem is the plastic degrades over time so you may have to replace it every few years- which new soil will be good for the plants anyway.
I live in Maryland, and sarrs have survived over the winter in my minibog. i made my bog in an undrained plastic pot I bought at Lowes. My plants seem to like it so far. If I can grow them this way in Maryland, then it should be no problem for you in Georgia.