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Basal Monster, or at least fast producing


An orchid fancier with a CP problem
I have a N. red leopard that seems to put all of it's energy into producing basals rather than pitchers. Over the years I have cut and donated many basals off of it. This summer I have cut three basals off leaving only the main plant, a two inch basal and a green nub. Well now the two incher has doubled in size, the nub is almost two inches tall and both are pitchering. As well they are TWO more basals forming. Yet the main growth hasn't pitchered in two years.
Any suggestions on how to get it to pitcher as well or should I just be happy with an endless supply of red leopard basals.
I'd just turn the main growth into cuttings and let a pitchering basal become the main growth. Why fight the trend?
1. I second what carbonetc suggests
:nono: :-))

It's good that you still have it tho. I think everyone needs *that plant* that makes a ton of basals so they can send them out to friends (or enemies? :lol:) to spread the hobby, or get newbies a critical-mass of plants going. Mine's the thor x campy still. Actually every plant that ever stopped producing pitchers off the main growth point for a year or more, I've chopped the main one, rooted, and then both went on (basals and main point) to grow just fine.