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BACPS Potluck in Sebastopol (7/20) Who's going? Carpool?

Hello all, as some of you might know, Peter D'Amato is holding BACPS's annual potluck over at his nursery, which will also feature his revised edition of the Savage Garden, a special treat!
Just wondering who from TF might be going, and if there are any individuals that might be interested in carpooling? if you are interested in carpooling, please mention it in a post (either as a passenger or driver so we know how many cars are needed). Ideally, if there is enough interest, carpool locations would be around the north peninsula which will give our south bay members a small reprieve.

See you there!
I'm in. No plus ones.
Perhaps it could be interesting, but it is far far away..........
Perhaps it could be interesting, but it is far far away..........

No more than an hour's drive from SF if IIRC. But that's what the carpooling idea is for. Unless you meant, two hours cramped inside a car full of carnivorous plants nuts....
What time do you plan to arrive at ***** ****? When would you like to meet up down south, and where?
@katie: i believe i have your phone number, i hope it hasnt changed. will contact you later tonight around 8 ish?
As long as you have my cell number it hasn't changed.