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Are this seeds???

Hi guys,

Hi guys, i had just recently bought DROSERA BINATA seeds from ebay.l(look this the link


I had sowed them for 2.5 month in agar .But they never seem to germinate.i expecting they are not seeds look like anther of the flower but just some dry flower material.Anyone know whether are they seeds.If you have a picture of those seeds you can also post it here.

It's a bad pic but, they are indeed shaped like binata complex seeds. If these were binata binata or binata dichotoma they require cold stratification for germination. They're not just sow and grow seeds.
Thanks for your reply! sorry for the bad picture.i did the cold stratification already for a month.They are in ''thread line form" under a miroscrope they just look like ~ (this sign)
There is always a possibility that they are infertile or very old seeds. Who did you get them from ? Was it a reputable seller ? You should always take a "buyer beware" approach to buying seeds on ebay unless it's from a well known, reputable vendor.
I second that comment about eBay seed items: Caveat Emptor, with a big fat capital C, capital E! Case in point, do a search on eBay for "blue rose seeds" and see what you get. Here's just one of the many results: http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=271100845991&globalID=EBAY-US
Note that the seller has a score of 99.9% satisfaction with buyers. I can guarantee you that this rating is NOT because the product is represented accurately or truthfully. (there is no way you will get roses in those colors from the seeds being sold; it is absolutely not possible!) And yet this merchant gets an amazing score.

The bottom line is: eBay is rife with land mines for buyers of botanical rarities, and as stated, you are gambling with your money (and time and effort) if you buy from just any old merchant without doing research. In fact, you would be far better off to request seeds from TF members first, or buy from the ICPS web store, where you can be assured of product accuracy and viability. It looks like you got about ten seeds for your $$, and I am afraid to ask what those cost you. :-(
Friends don't let friends buy seeds off fleabay!
Ok thanks you guys for your kind replies.I will be more careful next time .